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Airplane Party

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Your guests will fly high in the sky with fun during your Airplane themed Birthday Party.



For the invitations make an airline ticket for each guest.  The airlines can be “The Name of the Birthday Child Airlines”, the passenger can be the invited guest, the destination can be the address of the party, the flight departure date can be the date of the party, the time of departure can be the time the party starts, and the time of arrival can be when the party is over.  For the RSVP you can ask the guest to confirm their flight status by a certain date with your phone number.  These can be printed on gray card stock to look more realistic. 




Decorations can be as simple as making paper airplanes and blowing up inflatable airplanes, available at dollar stores, and hanging them around the house. Place a white plastic or paper table cloth on a large table and outline it with blue Christmas lights.  Draw a dotted line down the middle and this will be great runways for the guests to have their planes take off. 



Small boxed lunches including a sandwich (peanut butter and jelly or lunch meat), a piece of fruit, a small bag of carrots and a small candy bar will make the guests fell like they are on a real airplane.  You can also offer small bags of peanuts or pretzels.


Games and Activities


Paper Airplane Contest


Have each guest make a paper airplane.  Depending on their age you can allow them to create their own, follow a pattern or have them pre-made for each guest.  Have various contests with the paper airplanes including furthest flight, highest flight, most flips, largest flip, best crash, closest to a target, shortest flight, furthest from a target, straightest flight, fastest flight, slowest flight, and lowest flight.  This should allow each guest to win a prize.




Airplane piñata  A great hint for a piñata is to stuff it with enough small bags filled with candy for each guest so everyone will be able to grab one bag. 


Pin the Pilot in the Plane


Draw or copy a picture of an airplane on a large sheer of paper (you can also find a poster with a picture of an airplane for this game). Draw a dotted circle that shows where the pilot should sit.  Make a pilot for each child with a different number or name on the back.  This can be a picture of the birthday child’s face of a picture from a magazine.  Using double face tape, blindfold one guest at a time, spin them around and have them try to place the pilot in the correct location.  The guest closest is the winner.


Airplane search


Fill a large container with packing peanuts for the clouds (a baby pool, a plastic sandbox, a large bowl).  Place enough diecast airplanes in the container for each guest.  Allow each guest to take a turn finding one airplane.  You can time them to see who found the plane the fastest.  This airplane can go home with them inside their goody bag.



Goody Bag Walk


Using one plain paper plate per guest, come up with different destinations for an airplane to land (different cities, countries, continents…) and write it one on each plate.  Write a complete list of these on separate sheets of paper and place them inside a hat or bag.  Play music and have the guests walk around in a circle stepping in the paper plates until the music stops.  Pull one location from the list you have.  The guest who is on the location can take their paper plate and go to their destination to retrieve their goody bag.  Continue until all the guests have left for their destination.





Diecast airplanes, snap together airplanes (available from Oriental Trading), airplane stickers, and airhead candy will make a great treat for the guests to take home.  Some airlines may also provide wings for each guest if you call ahead and ask.


Resources for this Theme:

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